The information and data we rely on for our day-to-day business processes no longer resides just within the computers sitting on our desks. Even ignoring the proliferation of virtualized servicers, today’s business processes rely on a number of data sources that are accessed over the Internet, over our own private networks or in some cases from our business partners network.
Not so long ago when an application required a network connection it was painfully obvious. Remember the dial up modem?
The problem is that today’s applications take this connection for granted. We don’t hear the modem connection, see the data transfer bar, or otherwise observe any indications of the function of the network. Networks are inexplicitly intertwined within our applications. Today network performance plays as important a role to application performance as the speed of the CPU processor.

Attendees will learn:
How is the role of the network changing in the IT environment? How does the network impact the performance of applications? What are some of the key network metrics that impact application performance?

Ted Wagner, Director, Product Management, Data Services at Level 3 Communications
Mr. Wagner is director of Product Management for Data Services at Level 3 Communications, where he is responsible for the company’s VPN product portfolio, including definition, delivery and growth of Level 3’s MPLS-based layer 3 IPVPN and layer 2 Ethernet VPLS, and EVPL products.

Prior to joining Level 3, Mr. Wagner held a variety of product leadership roles at Broadwing Communications, including VPN services, partner-provided managed services and data colocation products. Prior to this, Mr. Wagner spent a number of years at a high-tech software startup focused on developing and delivering switch control software to enable vendor neutral real-time applications for service providers.

Mr. Wagner holds a masters degree in Business Administration from DePaul University.