The requirement for designers to be well versed in both digital and RF
equipment is becoming more and more apparent as digital designs have
ever increasing speeds. For engineers that are comfortable working with
oscilloscopes, a vector network analyzer might seem intimidating;
however, this tool can be invaluable to the characterization of linear
and nonlinear devices. This webcast will cover the principles of
measuring high-speed electrical devices with network analyzers,
including what kind of measurements are made. This webcast will walk
through a few RF fundamentals such as transmission lines and the Smith
chart, leading to the concepts of reflection, transmission and
S-parameters. The key advantages of using a network analyzer for
interconnect testing will be reviewed in great detail, with time for

Who should attend:
Design, test and validation engineers who need to characterize and validate compliance of their high speed digital designs.

Mike Resso, Expert Product Marketing Engineer, Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Mike Resso is the Signal Integrity Application Scientist in the
Component Test Division of Agilent Technologies and has over twenty-five
years of experience in the test and measurement industry. His
background includes the design and development of electro-optic test
instrumentation for aerospace and commercial applications. His most
recent activity has focused on the complete multiport characterization
of high speed digital interconnects using Time Domain Reflectometry and
Vector Network Analysis. He has authored over 30 professional
publications including a book on signal integrity. Mike has been awarded
one US patent and has twice received the Agilent “Spark of Insight”
Award for his contribution to the company. He received a Bachelor of
Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of