Navigating the compliance standards for high-speed digital standards can
be a difficult process. This panel comprised of the standards
compliance gurus will help attendees understand how to successfully
negotiate the standards process by understanding how standards
organizations operate, and define compliance. Each of the 3 presenters
will give a key insights to standards compliance such as: What happens
when you don’t pass compliance, interoperability issues, compliance
workshops, and what to do when there isn’t a formal compliance program.
Lastly, we’ll open the floor for questions from the audience.

Who should attend:
Designers working towards compliance for any high-speed digital standards.

Rick Eads, Senior Product Manager, Agilent Technologies
Rick is a senior product manager at Agilent Technologies with expertise
in technical/industrial marketing of test and measurement tools and
electronic design automation software to leaders in the computer,
semi-conductor, wired and wireless communications, storage and aerospace
industries worldwide.

Rick works on precision product definition and synthesis of
breakthrough solutions that address new and emerging needs for both
software and hardware products. He provides technical leadership in
driving standards within industry organizations for PCI Express, NVM
Express, ExpressCard, FB-DIMM (FBD), DDR, HyperTransport, SATA, and
Rick earned a M.B.A. from the University of Colorado and holds a BSEE
from Brigham Young University with an emphasis on digital design and
computer architecture.

Rick has served on the Board of Directors for the PCI-SIG since 2007,
contributed to PCIe 3.0 BASE, CEM, Test specification development and
has led electrical Gold Suite testing at PCI-SIG sponsored workshops

Mark Paxson, Director and Senior Consultant at VTM, Inc.
Mark has been helping vendors comply with industry standards since 1987.
Starting with the industry standard PC, the “IBM Compatible” computer,
he has continued to enjoy collaborative efforts that define and
establish compliance programs for industry standards. Some notable
standards that Mark has worked on are PCI, USB, DLNA and SATA. Mark has
been serving as the Technical Administrator for the USB-IF since 1983,
and has recently been acting as the Certification Body for MirrorLink by
the Car Connectivity Consortium.

David Woolf, Senior Engineer at University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab (UNH-IOL)
David Woolf currently leads several efforts in the Storage and Mobile
spaces at the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory
(UNH-IOL). David has been an active participant in a number industry
forums and committee’s addressing conformance and interoperability,
including the SAS Plugfest Committee, SATA-IO Logo Workgroup, co-chair
of the MIPI Alliance Testing Workgroup, and coordinating the NVMe
Integrators List and plugfests.