The new 3D magnetic sensor TLV493D-A1B6 offers accurate three dimensional sensing with extremely low power consumption. With an opportunity to detect the magnetic field in x, y, and z-direction the sensor is ideally suited for the measurement of 3D movements, linear movements and rotation movements. Possible applications include joysticks, control elements (white goods, multifunction knops), or electric meters (anti-tampering). The DPS310 is a miniaturized Digital Barometric Air Pressure Sensor with a high accuracy level and low current consumption. The DPS310 is both a pressure and temperature sensor. The pressure sensor element is based on a capacitive principle, which guarantees high precision during temperature changes. The small package makes the DPS310 ideal for mobile applications, wearable devices, weather stations and IoT.

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Markus Balke, Senior Marketing Manager Analog & Sensors, Rutronik

Hannes Birk, Marketing Manager for Sensors, Infineon Technologies

Sampo Härkönen, Senior Marketing Manager, Barometric Pressure Sensors, Infineon Technologies