The demand for bandwidth in wireless infrastructure and other high performance applications continues to scale off the charts. Multicore processors and their enabling operating system and tools software are being called upon to fill the breach. But, more often than not, the level of integration fails the 1+1=3 test – resulting in designs that fail to meet requirements. Freescale and Enea are embarking on strategic partnership to close the performance gap through a unique and extraordinary partnership that raises the integration bar. In this Webinar your will learn:

  • Why having a collection of cores in a single package in not sufficient—a flexible, multicore-optimized software architecture, coupled with hardware accelerators and deep hardware/software integration and optimization, are the keys to successful multicore designs
  • The questions to ask your vendors about security, fast path frameworks, software enablement and virtualization
  • How SMP/AMP execution models, heterogeneous operating environments and hypervisors can function together in a hybrid architecture for maximum development flexibility and throughput in a multicore platform

Steve Furr, Senior Software Architect, Freescale Semiconductor
Steve Furr has close to twenty years of experience in the embedded software arena. Steve has filled roles as both a software product manager and senior software architect during his 5 year tenure at Freescale Semiconductors. Prior to joining Freescale, Steve was deeply involved for many years in key roles in embedded RTOS development at QNX Software Systems

Michael Christofferson, Director of Product Management, Enea
Mr. Christofferson has more than 29 years of experience in software development for embedded systems. He spent the first eight years of his career with Raytheon in Defense Communications, specifically with remote-controlled signal and communications intelligence systems. That was followed by eight years in the telecom/datacom market working for such companies as GTE Telecom, Sprint, Data General Telecommunications, and Pulse Communications. For these companies, he worked with such technologies as packet switching, SS7 switching, Sonet, and nex-generation Loop Carrier systems. For the past 14 years, Mr. Christofferson has moved into sales and marketing for leading industry RTOS and tools providers.