When considering a move to a multicore environment, the number one question embedded developers ask is "how do I leverage the work I've already done in my applications?" Though multicore hardware has provided improved performance for the embedded market, software developers are challenged with taking advantage of the millions of lines of single-threaded legacy code they have already written. This creates a paradigm shift in how developers must think about and implement future programs. This webinar will discuss the benefits of embedded Linux as a solution with multicore and help systems engineers consider what's important as they make the transition. We will conclude with an overview of MontaVista TestDrive, a virtual evaluation of MontaVista Linux on a Virtutech Simics model of the Freescale QorIQ P4080 and MPC8641D Power Architecture processors. We invite attendees to sign-up for an evaluation of MontaVista software on the latest Freescale multicore environments.

Who should attend:
Embedded systems engineers, application developers, quality assurance engineers, and their managers.

Richard Nass, Editor-in-Chief/Editorial Director, Embedded Systems Design, Embedded.com, Embedded Systems Conferences
Rich's key responsibilities include setting the editorial direction for Embedded Systems Design magazine, the Embedded.com Web site, the global Embedded Systems Conferences, and the RFID World Web site and conference. Rich also handles the editorial for Embedded Systems Design Europe. He's been in the Electronics OEM industry for over 20 years. Before taking on the top editorial role for the Embedded and RFID franchises, Rich oversaw TechInsight's DesignLine network of design engineering Web sites. Prior to that, he spent six years as the Editor-in-Chief of Portable Design magazine, where he drove the editorial to new heights while launching a magazine and technical conference in China. Preceding that, Rich was a Technology Editor with Electronic Design magazine. He holds a BSEE degree from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Ian Forsyth, Senior Enablement Architect, Freescale Semiconductor
Multimedia Group, focusing on the development of high-performance PowerPC processors. He has responsibility for Freescale's QorIQ processors. He has held various technical and managerial roles in quality, product and applications engineering for Freescale's network processors. Mr. Forsyth was educated in Scotland and currently resides in Austin, Texas.

Brad Dixon, Director of Product Management, MontaVista Software
Brad Dixon is a director of product management for MontaVista Software, the leader in embedded Linux commercialization. He helps some of the world's most demanding companies understand how to apply Linux and other open source technology to design new applications and devices. In addition to technical nuts and bolts, Brad is involved in licensing, quality assurance, networking, security, and support issues. He recently began collaboration with the MontaVista product management group on new concepts. Brad's blog "Open Device, Insert Code" is at http://mvista.com/blogs/dixon/.