Flexible Development Platform for Robotics and Motion

Motion and Robotics Development Platform

This webcast will introduce the Reconfigurable Motion and Robotics Platform from Arrow Electronics. This industry is seeing high demands to digitally transform in ways that allow for intelligent, connected motion solutions. Additionally, new technological solutions allow for business models that create value out of insights that can be captured from these industrial systems.

To help our OEM customers meet the needs and demands of the market, Arrow has partnered with Analog Devices and Critical Link to create a new development platform that provides the flexibility and reconfigurability needed to build and launch new products and services. Learn from the experts that helped bring this solution to market and learn where to get started.


Learn Trends in the Robotics Industry

  • The Reconfigurable Motion and Robotics Platform
  • Industry Trends
  • Why this industry is turning to FPGAs
  • How Analog Devices is helping OEM customers
  • The Customer Journey you can expect with the platform