In this webcast we’ll give an introduction to Model-Based Design (MBD) and discuss how this design approach can speed up time-to-market and increase product quality. Topics covered will include SW tools, workflow, advanced testing and deployment of code to embedded targets. This will be followed by a working example of how MBD can be used for Motor Control algorithm design, verification and implementation. As basis for this part of the webcast a 400V inverter driving a 3-phase permanent magnet motor is used. The embedded target is the ADSP-CM40x Mixed-signal Control Processor.

Jens Sorensen, Senior Staff Motor Control System Engineer, Analog Devices
Jens Sorensen joined Analog Devices in 2011 where he’s a Senior Staff Motor Control System Engineer. He has a background within motor control and power electronics used for appliance, industrial, and automotive applications.

Noam Levine, Technical Marketing, MathWorks
Noam Levine joined MathWorks in 2008 in technical marketing, focusing on Model-Based Design workflows targeting embedded platforms.