This webinar provides background to the OpenGL ES 2.0 standard and opens up the graphics possibilities in embedded arena. The presenter will highlight benefits of having OpenGL ES 2.0 running on top of ARM Mali™ Graphics processors and the tools and resources available to enable developers and designers engineers to start developing for Mali GPUs.
This is webinar is useful for developers and people investigating GPUs and what they can enable in embedded applications. There will be a 45 minutes presentation followed by a live Q&A session.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Understand the main features & benefits of OpenGL ES 2.0
  • Understand the difference between OpenGL ES 1.1 & OpenGL ES 2.0 and when to use each standard
  • Know where and how to get started developing with OpenGL ES 2.0 on Mali graphics processors
  • Learn which tools and resources are available and where to get them


Ed Plowman, Technical Marketing Manager, Media Processing Division, ARM

Ed has recently returned to ARM Ltd after a stint at Intel where he worked as a games industry evangelist. During his time at ARM Ed guided the graphics processing strategy for a number of years. Ed was also a founding member of Khronos and a significant force in the creation of the OpenGL ES working group. Ed has continued his work within Khronos occupying a seat on the Khronos board of promoters for many years and more recently has taken up the post of Khronos treasurer. Ed started his career as one of the founding members of Argonaut technologies which later became ARC cores, an off shoot of Argonaut Software, working on CPU based 3D graphics technology and later helping create the ARC processor core.