The more detailed and comprehensive your PCB documentation is, the better chance your PCB boards will be manufactured and assembled correctly. With BluePrint-PCB(R) you can take control of the process by automating it while enhancing the detail, accuracy, and instructions included on it, as well as create a complete release package that can be distributed amongst all stakeholders.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to reduce the time you spend creating PCB Documentation by 50-70%
  • How to increase the accuracy and detail of your PCB Documentation
  • How to transform a time-consuming and error-prone manual task into an automated and accurate process

Who should attend:

  • Project Engineers and Managers
  • Engineering and CAD Managers
  • PCB Designers


Rick Almeida, Co-Founder of DownStream Technologies
As one of DownStream’s Founders, Rick oversees company strategy and direction as well as corporate communications and product marketing. Rick was previously Vice President of Marketing for Innoveda’s Product Realization Group charted with delivering high speed PCB design tools to the electronic market place. Prior to Innoveda, Rick was Vice President of World Wide Marketing for PADS Software and served on PADS executive staff from 1997 to 2000. Rick was responsible for the acquisition of ACT by PADS Software in 1998.