As people demand more from their smart home devices, the interoperability between products and different ecosystems has gotten tricky– no one wants to manage a dozen applications to run their house.

Enter Matter – a royalty-free, smart home connectivity standard. It is designed to make smart home devices from different ecosystems work together simply, securely and seamlessly. With the backing of companies such as Infineon, Amazon, Apple, Comcast, and Google, Matter-compatible products and solutions are poised to be game-changing for companies, developers and consumers.

Join us for this webinar, as we discuss the industry-unifying standard, Matter, initiated by the Connectivity Standards Alliance, which aims to create a fully interoperable smart home ecosystem.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Challenges in smart home market
  • Introduction to Matter: what is it, how it will help and a smart home solution framework
  • Debugging on hardware
  • Using Matter tools