Marketing to engineers is a critical part of any b2b marketing strategy. Marketers who understand the needs and wants of engineers, and adapt their content and tactics accordingly, will experience a higher level of success. This webinar will help you generate content that engineers will respect, relate to, and trust. Improve your marketing to engineers and avoid pitfalls in the buying cycle, reduce the sales cycle and build internal champions.

This webinar will cover:

  • Understanding engineers as a marketing target
  • Deciding on a medium (white papers, video, social networks, email newsletter, etc.)
  • How to create content for lead generation
  • How to create content for lead nurturing
  • How to increase opt-ins
  • Understanding the buying cycle: awareness, research, negotiation, purchase


Sean Donahue, Senior Reporter, MarketingSherpa
As Senior Reporter for MarketingSherpa, Sean Donahue is in charge of MarketingSherpa’s newsletters that cover business-to-business marketing, mobile marketing, online publishing, search, subscription sales and great minds in marketing.

Stefan Tornquist, Research Director, MarketingSherpa
Stefan Tornquist is the research director for MarketingSherpa and the lead researcher in its Business to Business practice area. His team conducts primary research into many areas of marketing, producing a variety of reports, benchmarks and data points throughout the year. Their primary focus is the creation of MarketingSherpa Benchmark Guide series, currently covering the topics of email, search, ecommerce, business technology marketing and online video.