Not missing dispatch opportunities and conducting Preventative Maintenance (PM’s) using mileage data will enable fleets to improve their productivity while freeing up capacity to grow revenue. The problem of having air traffic control capability on your fleet has not been easy, until now!

Transportation enterprises are always seeking ways to improve their operating costs while balancing customer requirements. City P&D dispatch and maintenance requirements are two areas of an operation where improved efficiency means enhanced margins. If a solution existed that could provide visibility to dispatch and maintenance teams to execute their daily tasks with higher precision, then trucking companies could gain back revenue and profit that may be eroded by other external factors.

GPS alone is not good enough in 2016 and certainly intermittent communication via 2 to 5 updates a day should not be acceptable. Event driven communication in real-time that can be transmitted instantly to the right departments is what should be expected of systems today. Imagine a dispatcher being able to make a pick up knowing that a trailer was ready to be moved and they didn’t have to send the driver back to the yard. What if a maintenance manager could know the mileage of each trailer and only do the required maintenance for that PM? Having real-time data and communication will separate best-in-class carriers from the rest.

This webinar will illustrate how innovative, connected technologies are being applied to enable the smart-connected trailer that will deliver a better customer experience, decrease frustration from dispatchers and drivers and improve the bottom line.

Attendees will learn:

  • Maintenance best practices to ensure your fleet is productive and utilized
  • Monitor and control your fleet with precision to make better decisions
  • Cost savings to your organization by averting unnecessary maintenance and dispatches


Aaron Lalvani, Senior Director, Business Development, IoT, BlackBerry

Aaron joined BlackBerry in July 2015 to bring BlackBerry radar to the global transportation market. As Senior Director, Business Development, IoT he is responsible for commercial, product development and building new sales channels. He is privileged to work with some of the world’s leading system and mobile hardware scientists and engineers. BlackBerry is leveraging its 35 year’s heritage as the pioneer in hardware and mobile devices to revolutionize the transportation industry globally through its world class IoT platform and BTS organization.

Denis Iwaniura, Director, Business Development Caravan

Denis has worked in the transportation industry with Caravan Logistics for 8 years. He is responsible for deploying and implementing IT projects and process change management initiatives and plays a key role in building and maintaining client relationships. Denis holds an Honours BBA degree from Wilfrid Laurier University with a major in Finance and minor in Economics.