The Android platform is designed for and shipped on ARM® architecture. Growing consumer demands for a connected lifestyle, means Android developers need access to the best Android on ARM development solutions for designing digital consumer electronic devices. As a result, the Android on ARM ecosystem is becoming even more varied from both the perspective of devices and applications.

With the recent launch of Android 2.0, learn how using the ARM platform while developing for Android using the Android NDK (Native Development Kit), will help make full use of your CPU and deliver leading edge Android applications. See how the performance of a simple processing intensive Image application improves, moving from a pure Android version, to native C, optimized assembler and finally to a high performance NEON implementation.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Demystify using the NDK in Android
  • Discover three things that will make your Android application faster
  • Examine how ARMv6™ and NEON™ can improve performance and reduce user wait times to the click of a button
  • Learn about available resources for ready to use native code
  • Find out which tools you need to get the job done

Who should attend:
Anyone who wants to develop for Android but perhaps is relatively new to ARM or embedded and wants to get the most out of the hardware available. Some programming knowledge, Java and C experience is needed.

Dave Butcher, Principal Engineer, ARM
David Butcher is a Principal Engineer at ARM in the UK, he is currently working on ensuring Android
performance on the latest ARM technologies. Previously he was a Technical Lead within the Execution
Environments Group working on Jazelle®-DBX, Jazelle®-RCT and ARM Java Software products.