There is growing demand for the complex SoCs
driving the cloud computing revolution. More complex SoCs typically integrate
many IP blocks from multiple vendors. At the same time, the IP blocks themselves
are becoming increasingly complex—making efficient architecture planning, design
implementation, integration and verification more and more difficult. 

a result, SoC architects are having a hard time executing flawless designs while
meeting the schedule demands created by time-to-market pressures. Designers are
inundated with critical concerns such as how do we deal with IP from multiple
vendors? How do we test and verify that all of these blocks work together? How
can we verify system performance? How can we optimize power? What is the impact
on software? 

This webinar will focus on how Sonics can help designers
deal with these issues through the use of advanced System IP. System IP includes
on-chip networks, memory subsystems, system performance analysis capability, and
power management. Sonics will discuss how use System IP to increase performance,
significantly improve power management, decrease costs and accelerate
time-to-market for complex SoCs. 

What the registrant will

  • How to integrate and optimize multiple IP block for complex SoC designs to
    meet the customer’s requirements for system performance, power and cost.
  • How to efficiently support system testing and verification
  • How to seamlessly integrate IP cores from multiple vendors
  • How System IP can help accelerate your next design cycle

Browne, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Sonics

Jack Browne is
Sonics’ Senior Vice President of Marketing. Prior to joining Sonics, Mr. Browne
served in several executive roles at MIPS Technologies, including executive vice
president of worldwide sales and executive vice president of marketing. Earlier
in his career, he was the head of Motorola’s 68000 processor marketing team. An
acknowledged industry spokesman, Mr. Browne has written numerous articles for
industry publications and presented at multiple panels and conferences around
the world covering a wide range of industry topics. He holds a B.S.E.E. degree
from the University of Texas.