LTE (long term evolution) will be starting initial rollouts this year. It is expected to quickly gain market share and eventually become the dominant mobile data protocol. Will you be ready?

ANADIGICS is ready to help you build your LTE devices. The company has a broad portfolio of devices to enable your development now, as well as a migration path to future developments.

This presentation discusses the LTE mobile physical layer, focusing on power amplifier (PA) requirements. The viewer will learn to identify potential roadblocks to LTE transmitter compliance and how PA performance affects robust design.

Attendees will learn:

  • LTE data rates.
  • The bands LTE will dominate.
  • Physical layer basics.
  • Reverse link air interface structure.
  • Reverse link modulation schemes.
  • Basic LTE handset transmitter architectures.
  • Standard-based tests which are the primary focus of the PA designer.
  • PA specifications for LTE handset power amplifiers.
  • What make s a good LTE power amplifier for the mobile market?

Doug Gould, Application Engineer, Wireless RF Products, Anadigics, Inc.
Doug Gould is Application Engineer, Wireless RF Products at ANADIGICS, Inc. a leading global supplier for the communications markets. Gould joined ANADIGICS in July 2008 and has played a key role in helping customers with power amplifier (PA) integration and compliance testing of LTE (long-term evolution) transmitters. Gould brings more than 14 years in technology experience to the Company.

His broad experience encompasses not only LTE PAs, but passive radio and CDMA/GSM/EDGE handset front-end development as well.

Before joining ANADIGICS, Gould worked in RF product hardware development at Lucent Technologies and Motorola. During his time at Motorola, he was a lead engineer on the team responsible for the transceiver design of the Microsoft-based QWERTY world phone for Verizon. He also played a key role on the design team that drove the Motorola Q phone. In addition to cell phones, Doug helped develop an electronic price label system for supermarkets (NCR) and test platforms for Lucent CDMA systems.

Gould holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark.