We live in an analog world. In many of today’s systems, on many boards, analog interfaces appear next to digital logic or an FPGA. Xilinx now provides the Agile Mixed Signal technology (AMS) that delivers a unique platform to address the diverse requirements of logic integration with common analog interfaces. Combined with the flexibility of the 7 series 28nm FPGAs, the new AMS capability addresses requirements from general environmental monitoring for reliability and security to advanced data acquisition for motor control and power conversion. The levels of customization and flexibility that can be achieved far exceed what is available in other 28nm FPGAs or even micro-controllers with integrated analog interface support.

The result of this on-chip digital and analog integration is lower system cost, unparalleled customization, and enhanced system reliability, safety, and security.

  • Reducing system costs: The very capable specification of the XADC enables it to cover a broad range of general purpose analog applications.
  • Customizable Analog with FPGA flexibility: This flexibility enables applications from simple analog monitoring to complex analog signal acquisition, conditioning, and processing.
  • Reliability, safety and security is enhanced through the on-chip temperature and voltage sensing capability.

What Attendees will Learn

  • Digital designers will learn about new capabilities and ways to address analog interface challenges.
  • Analog designers will learn how the programmable logic can enhance their analog designs with customized calibration, linearization, and signal processing.
  • System engineers will be able to identify new system cost savings, improved reliability and security by integrating high quality analog with flexible digital logic.

Who Should Attend

  • FPGA designers interested in integrating a high quality analog interface and seeking to understand the new Agile Mixed Signal Technology from Xilinx
  • ASIC designers migrating to FPGAs and that require analog mixed signal support
  • Systems Engineers performing cost / performance tradeoffs
  • Analog Engineers requiring application customization beyond off-the-shelf analog components who need the enhanced signal conditioning and processing while reducing system costs

Jay Walstrum, Senior Marketing Manager, Xilinx
Jay Walstrum is a Senior Marketing Manager at Xilinx with product line management responsibility for the Artix-7 series family and the Agile Mixed Signal technology Xilinx is introducing. Jay has 25 years of FPGA experience ranging from product development to application support with a focus on high volume FPGA’s. Jay holds many patents on FPGA architecture design. He has a BSEE from University of Southern California.

Anthony Collins, Senior Staff Marketing Engineer, Xilinx
Anthony Collins is a Senior Staff Marketing Engineer at Xilinx with specific responsibility for defining Data Converter and analog interface requirements. With over 16 years experience in applications and marketing roles supporting analog and mixed signal semiconductor products, Anthony has been awarded several patents in the area of programmable logic and mixed signal systems. He has a BSc.(Eng) from the Dublin Institute for Technology and an MBA from the Smurfit post graduate school of business, University College Dublin.