Discover new products that accelerate the
development of interface solutions that combine Renesas MCUs with new E Ink
segmented display products. We will explain how to apply the segmented display
technology and also describe tool features, benefits and use of these new types
of displays. E Ink segmented displays are ultra-low power, thin and rugged. They
have unique reflective display technology that is sunlight readable and can
maintain an image with no power. So, along with Renesas’ RL78 MCUs, this
solution enables engineers and designers to add displays to products where
power, inability to customize shapes, and space limitations have made it
impossible to do so before.

What attendees will

Attendees will walk away with an understanding of the

  • Key benefits of this display technology
  • Differences vs. traditional LCD segmented displays
  • How does this technology work
  • How to quickly familiarize yourself with this technology and confirm it will
    work for you
  • How to develop and design a customized shape

Who should

Developers of embedded hardware or software for consumer and
industrial applications

Duration: 50 minutes + Q&A

O’Neil, Applications Engineering Manager, E Ink

At E Ink, Steve is
responsible for technical support and design for the Segmented display business
unit as Applications Engineering Manager. Responsibilities include support of
engineers worldwide for customer designs and operational support for production,
as well as design improvements as they relate to the Segmented display business
unit. Steve has over 23 years of development and customer management experience,
including electrical, mechanical, process, manufacturing and materials.

Mercado, MCU Product Marketing Manager, Renesas

At Renesas, Baltazar
is a member of the Mass Market Group, and is the MCU Product Marketing Manager.
His responsibilities cover the RX and RL78 MCU product families and the
promotion efforts with all distributors and partners. Baltazar has fifteen years
of experience working in a variety of manufacturing, testing, management, and
marketing roles at various semiconductor companies. Baltazar holds degrees in
electrical engineering and mathematics.