This 30-minute presentation addresses issues related to low-noise power supply design for high speed data converters are presented along with methods for creating solutions.

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • Drawbacks of using just a DC/DC converter for a power supply
  • Developing a method to determine power supply requirements for ADC PSR specifications
  • Overview of DC/DC post filtering strategies
  • Creating a overall high performance power supply solution

Who Should Attend:

This presentation is targeted at signal chain designers who are familiar with basic system performance analysis such as SNR, but need to understand how to design power supplies to get the most out of their data converters. It will also be helpful to power supply designers who want to understand how the power supply design affects overall signal chain performance and need techniques to anaylize and design to the requirments of the system.


Gregory Waterfall
Linear Power Marketing Manager

Greg Waterfall is Marketing Manager for Linear Power products at Texas Instruments. He has held various roles in the semiconductor industry since graduating from the University of California at Berkeley in 1986 including IC test engineer, IC design engineer, IC product development manager and IC product definition. He holds patents related to power conversion and data acquisition. Recent interests include improving telecom system performance through lower noise power supplies, novel low noise power supply topologies, and power system protection. Greg also holds an MBA from the University of Arizona.