The growing importance of portable electronic
products such as cell phones, MP3 players and digital cameras in our daily lives
has led to widespread use of rechargeable batteries. Ensuring efficient charging
of these batteries allows the manufacturers of these products to gain a
competitive advantage and enhance the overall user experience.

webinar will look at how a constant current regulator or CCR can be used to
create a low power, low cost, high efficiency charging solution that is suitable
for rechargeable batteries covering a broad selection of different target
applications, from standard AA batteries used in the domestic environment, to
portable consumer devices, right through to handheld power

Shackell, Applications Engineer, Standard Products Group, ON Semiconductor

Steven Shackell is an applications engineer for new products in the Standard
Products Group at ON Semiconductor. He supports discrete devices for end
products ranging from mobile phones, portable computers, and industrial &
automotive applications. Mr. Shackell will complete his BSEE at Arizona State
University in May 2012.