The market for opto-semiconductors is one of the fastest growing markets. Several industry trends such as the replacement of regular light bulbs with LED lamps and CMOS image sensors in automotive applications imply that this market growth will continue.

As part of its More-than-Moore offering, X-FAB provides several process modules and features to support these new application areas and help their customers to participate in this exciting growth market. To better support highly sensitive, high-speed opto-electronic applications X-FAB just announced its new opto-CMOS process XO035.

Get an overview of the optical functions and features available as part of X-FABs More-than-Moore technology offering, including the impacts on spectral sensitivity, signal bandwidth, and noise margins. Explore what you need to consider when starting to design your optical product.

Konrad Bach, X-FAB Fellow & Manager CMOS/BiCMOS Process Development, X-FAB Group

Konrad Bach is a senior manager in X-FAB’s process development department. He leads the CMOS/BiCMOS development group based in Erfurt, Germany. Under his guidance, standard CMOS processes have been upgraded to complex modular process families that are focused on different mixed signal applications. These modular systems allow the customer to get off-the-shelf tailored solutions.

He studied physics and gained his PhD in 1978 in the subject of Ion Implantation and its impact on minority carrier lifetime. Konrad Bach has more than 30 years of experience in industrial semiconductor process development.

X-FAB’s integrated High Voltage options and the integrated photo diode approach are strongly influenced by his technical expertise.

Detlef Sommer, Product Marketing Manager, Opto Technologies, X-FAB Group
As marketing manager for opto technologies, Detlef Sommer coordinates X-FAB’s activities related to optical processes in close cooperation with R&D and Sales. Detlef has more than twenty years of experience in the design and marketing of RF and mixed-signal integrated circuits. Prior to joining X-FAB, Detlef worked at Atmel’s RF and Automotive division as a product marketing manager for DVD and Blu-ray applications. His responsibility included the specification and marketing of opto-electronical integrated circuits. He holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany.