Libero® SoC v10.0, the new version of the Libero integrated design environment
(IDE) offers system-on-chip (SoC) designers several new features, including
improved ease-of-use, increased integration of the embedded design flow and a
“pushbutton” design capability.

Libero SoC v10.0 builds upon Microsemi’s
expertise in embedding ARM® microcontrollers with flash-based field programmable
gate arrays (FPGAs), enabling a fully integrated embedded design flow for
SmartFusion® customizable SoC (cSoC) customers. The new IDE also supports
Microsemi’s IGLOO®, ProASIC®3 and Fusion® product families. In addition, tighter
integration with industry leading software IDEs, Keil, IAR and Microsemi’s
eclipse-based SoftConsole embedded software development environment allows
developers to easily transition from device configuration to firmware
development. Libero SoC v10.0 also provides support for customers using soft
processors embedded in Microsemi FPGAs.

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free license.
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