LED adoption continues to accelerate, with the market almost doubling in size to $12 billion in the last five years alone, growing to $16 B by 2016. While the figures are exciting, they don’t tell the full story in that there remains much that has yet to be learned and understood about the benefits of LEDs and how to select, drive, and apply them for maximum return. It is with this in mind that EDN is putting together a series of four editorial webinars intended to help electronic system and lighting designers understand the nuances of LEDs, from the technology itself to LED choices and on to their proper application and usage.

In part one, attendees will get an overview of what makes LEDs different, why they’re advantageous, what engineers and lighting designers need to know about how LEDs can change their lighting options, what LEDs can provide and what factors to consider when using them.

Patrick Mannion
Brand Director for EDN, Test & Measurement World, and Planet Analog

Lee Goldberg
Editor in Chief,  AllLEDLighting.com

Bill Schweber
Engineer/Author/Editor, Jaffa Engineering

Carol Lenk
Author and Founder of LED developer, Switch Lighting

Bill Reisenauer
Co-Founder, LED Specialists, Inc.

Ed Rodriguez
President and CEO, OptoThermal Technologies