Need to find the right topology for your mid- to
high-power LED lighting designs from 50 W to 150 W? Then you won’t want to miss
the webinar: “LED Simplicity!”

During the webinar, we’ll examine three
basic two-stage circuit technologies each with a critical conduction mode PFC
front end. We’ll discuss how the quasi-resonant Flyback, two switch
quasi-resonant Flyback and LLC topologies, as well as different DC to DC stages
effect, efficiency, cost, ease of design and the ability to reliably manufacture
highly efficient 50W to 150W LED lighting designs.

We’ll also show how
the choice of the DC to DC stage also affects the efficiency of the PFC stage
needed to pass EN61000-3-2, Class C for Lighting. We’ll highlight a simple PFC
circuit option that can improve efficiency of the overall system project for
wide range input voltages. Finally, we’ll take a close look at integrated versus
non-integrated solutions and discuss where it makes sense to integrate.

At the end of the webinar, we’ll provide a list of reference designs
that demonstrate the different solutions and how they can improve the efficiency
of your 50W to 150W LED lighting designs.

Who Should

Lighting engineers working on 50 W to 150 W designs that
need highly efficient PFC solutions.

What attendees will

  • How the selection of the dc-dc stage affects the efficiency of the PFC stage
    and therefore the overall system.
  • A simple PFC circuit modification that can improve the system efficiency for
    the right DC to DC stage
  • The tradeoffs of different design choices for this power range solution.

Craig, Principal Engineer, Fairchild Semiconductor

Alex Craig is a
principal engineer for Fairchild Semiconductor. He has worked in the
semiconductor field for over fifteen years. He holds a BS and MS in electrical
engineering from the State University of New York at Binghamton.