In this webinar we will explain why 5G networks need HW acceleration and how FPGAs with MoSys Packet Classification IP and Intelligent High Speed Accelerator ICs provide the necessary acceleration and efficient capacity expansion to accomplish this.

The 5G Market dynamic: 

  • 5G UPF and distributed Multi Access Edge Computing (MEC) is moving tremendous amounts of compute to the edge
  • HW acceleration and reducing latency is a must
  • Packet Classification performed with FPGAs is a critical component of this

MoSys features enable the needed acceleration for today’s 5G Networks:  

  • MoSys Stellar Packet Classification IP runs on FPGAs and provides the best in class acceleration
  • MoSys Stellar IP performs 100’s of Millions of Searches per sec and Millions of Rules
  • Support up to 400Gbps rates
  • MoSys Accelerator Engine ICs:
    • tRC of 3ns and 5B Reads/sec
    • Up to 1.1Gb capacity in a single chip
    • Why serial attached is better – board space, routing, power, cost, design time, signal integrity


  • Add FPGA and MoSys Packet Classification IP and/or Accelerator Engine ICs to accelerate your designs
  • Free up FPGA resources by adding more intelligence and fast execution to external Accelerator ICs