Designers of signal processing algorithms for Digital Signal Processors are increasingly being asked to leverage the maximum performance out of DSP cores.

DSP cores, and the compiler technology which supports them, are becoming increasingly complex. The ability to port DSP algorithms optimally from competitors' DSP technologies while maintaining portability are sometimes conflicting requirements. The days of optimized assembler routines, inline code and intrinsics are far from over despite significant improvements in compiler technology.

Freescale will help DSP designers leverage the maximum performance from their C code ported to the StarCore SC3850 core through the use of appropriate tool settings, appropriate use of data types, the use of intrinsic, pragmas and other useful optimization techniques.

The session will take a core only perspective and will not deal with SoC or system related issues.

Attendees will learn:

  • Distinguish the distinctive architectural differences of Freescale’s StarCore-based SC3850 core
  • The necessary steps to port competitor DSP code to SC3850
  • Effectively use intrinsic, pragmas, etc
  • To configure the CodeWarrior IDE to leverage maximum performance from the tool and resultant object code

Who should attend:

  • Software Developers developing algorithms for StarCore technology
  • Software and System Designers considering porting to Freescale’s StarCore technology

Mike Fleischer, Customer Engineering, Software & Systems Organization
Mike Fleischer grew up in Southeastern Michigan and majored in electrical engineering at Michigan Technological University in Houghton Michigan where he earned his BSEE (1992) and MSEE(1995) degrees. In 1992 he started working on a research grant for the Keweenaw research center performing acoustic modeling experiments for NASA and active noise control experiments for the US Army Tank Command (TACOM). In 1995 he started work at Texas Instruments in Dallas Texas. During his time with TI he enjoyed roles as a lead developer in the Speech group, a software and systems engineer in the Multimedia and 3D graphics group, a digital design lead in the Video and DVI design group, an applications support team manager in the OMAP group, and finally as a lead developer in the DLP group. In 2006 he joined Freescale in Chicago Illinois as a Field Applications Engineer, supporting key accounts such as Motorola and RIM for the wireless group and key networking accounts for the Networking and Multimedia group. Mr. Fleischer has authored numerous application notes, design documents, software specifications, and software designs throughout his career.