Learn how to build a better battery-powered device. For designers of portable/mobile battery-powered devices, this webinar will educate electrical and mechanical engineers on all design considerations when developing portable devices, while also addressing new Lithium-ion battery and power management technologies on the horizon. These experts will provide design guidelines for portable/mobile devices to accommodate innovations in cell chemistries, regulatory changes, and power management electronics for both batteries and host devices.

What’s New in Batteries and Cells—This section covers current and future cell technology, including standard format cells, Lithium polymers, Lithium Iron Phosphate, and new primary (disposable) battery technology. Plus, the speakers will provide an update on upcoming UN/DoT changes to transportation rules for Lithium batteries.

What’s New in Power Management Electronics—This section will covers innovations in battery management electronics, host-based fuel gauging, options for communications interfaces, boost/buck converters with Lithium-ion cells, and authentication techniques for aftermarket/OEM batteries. The presenters will discuss many of the host-/device-side requirements for those engineers developing portable battery-powered products. Plus, this webinar will provide an update on how third edition EN-60601 will affect the design of your a portable device.

Dan Friel, Colomb Consulting
Dan Friel has over 20 years of hands-on engineering, marketing and business experience in battery and power management, including two successful semiconductor start-ups acquired by Microchip Technologies and Texas Instruments. Dan is the co-author of the industry standard Smart Battery System/SMBus specifications used worldwide in laptop and portable battery systems. He has worked for industry leading firms such as Duracell, Microchip, TI, Honeywell Batteries, PowerSmart and PowerPrecise but now is principal at Coulomb Consulting. Dan is the author or co-author of three chapters in industry reference books on battery and power management systems. He has a BS EE from Purdue University and a MBA from Boston College.

Robin Sarah Tichy, PhD, Technical Marketing Manager, Micro Power Electronics, Inc.
Dr. Tichy has developed an expertise in translating market drivers into technical solutions in the battery and charger industry. Prior to joining Micro Power, she applied technical and project management skills to orchestrate and implement solutions to solve vital business problems at leading organizations like Hewlett Packard and International SEMATECH, in the semiconductor, nanotechnology and MEMS verticals. Dr. Tichy received a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Texas for her work in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells.