The future is upon us. Vehicles are getting more capable in the area of autonomy, yet there are still significant hurdles to overcome to realize safe and ubiquitous autonomous transport. This Webcast will discuss these technical barriers and how Analog Devices is at the center of the innovation that will accelerate the adoption of autonomous technology.

Attendees will learn:

  • Key issues that need to be addressed to realize autonomous driving
  • How Analog Devices is a key player in the critical enabling technologies


Chris Jacobs, Vice President, Autonomous Transportation & Automotive Safety, Analog Devices

Chris Jacobs joined ADI in 1995 and is currently the Vice President of the Autonomous Transportation & Safety business unit at Analog Devices. Prior to this, Jacobs was the General Manager of Automotive Safety, Product and Technology Director of Precision Converters, and the Product Line Director of High Speed Converts & Isolation Products. Chris has a BS in Computer Engineering from Clarkson University, a MSEE from Northeastern University and an MBA from Boston College.