Co-sponsored, in North America, by Avnet EM.

This webcast will review designs in which
isolation is needed to protect personnel and equipment from harsh electrical and
mechanical environments. Presentation will detail interface power requirements
and approaches for achieving design objectives. Topics will include performance
tradeoffs for various approaches and applicable safety certifications for
interface components.

Who should attend?
Engineers doing low power industrial process control or instrumentation designs
who are looking to increase speed and save board space on their current design
while improving long term reliability.

Cantrell, Applications Engineer, iCoupler® Digital Isolator Group,
Analog Devices, Inc

Mark Cantrell is an applications engineer for
the iCoupler® Digital Isolator Group at Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI). His
area of expertise is iCoupler digital isolation products, including
isoPower® isolated power supply devices and communications bus devices
such as I2C and USB isolators. He is also responsible for agency safety
certifications for all iCoupler digital isolator products. Mark
received his MS in physics from Indiana University. He can be reached via email