Current and voltage information is required by the controller for effective control in many power converter systems. Featured with high common mode noise rejection, high isolation voltage, built-in safety insulation, Avago’s isolation amplifier family provides an ideal solution for these applications. For example, the ACPL-798J optically isolated sigma-delta modulator with LVDS Interface enables accurate current sensing and robust long distance communication between power board and controller board in noisy environment. Another example is that the ACPL-C87X series provide accurate voltage monitoring of bus voltages.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • Shunt-based current sensing solution using optical isolation amplifie
  • The benefits of current sensor with LVDS interface
  • How to use the iso-amp in voltage sensing applications.

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Roger Teixeira
Field Applications Engineer, Isolation Products, Avago Technologies

Roger graduated from the University of Massachusetts in 1984 with a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology. He has held positions as a systems engineer and test engineer in the ATE capital equipment industry for seventeen years, and has been a semiconductor field applications engineer for the past fifteen years. He has been with Avago Technologies since April 2010 and currently resides in South Eastern Massachusetts with his wife and two teen age boys.