Dramatic shifts in the economic and technical landscape have created a need for more flexible, cost-effective approaches to developing and manufacturing of today's high-tech products. These marketing forces combined with demanding technical requirements are driving the ever-increasing adoption of FPGAs in the heart of digital electronic systems. 'Targeted Design Platforms', built on an FPGA foundation, directly address the competing needs of higher performance, streamlined power consumption and reduced system cost by integrating software and hardware components that enable designers to accelerate innovation.

The release of ISE Design Suite 11 is a major milestone in the delivery of targeted design platforms, enabling simpler and smarter design methodologies for creating FPGA-based system-on-chip solutions targeting a wide variety of markets and applications.

This latest release of the Xilinx ISE Design Suite pioneers new ground for delivering sophisticated FPGA design technologies to a user community that is extraordinarily diverse with four domain-specific design configurations: the Logic Edition, DSP Edition, Embedded Edition, and System Edition. Each Edition provides a complete FPGA design flow tailored for the user profile and domain-specific methodology and design environment requirements, enabling designers to focus their efforts on creating value-added, competitively differentiated product applications.

Webcast Attendees Will Learn:

  • The latest advances in the ISE Design Suite 11 portfolio of integrated system design tools
  • How to accelerate overall system design with domain specific support via logic, DSP and embedded tool editions
  • How to address complex system requirements with sophisticated tools, IP and the programmable flexibility of Targeted Design Platforms
  • Who Should Attend:

  • HW/FPGA designers
  • Systems designers
  • DSP and algorithm developers
  • Embedded systems designers
  • Presenter:
    Mark Goosman is senior product marketing manager for the ISE Design Suite and IP. In this role, Goosman is responsible for outbound marketing of the Xilinx ISE Design Suite, including design tools and IP for logic, DSP, and embedded designers. Goosman joined Xilinx in 1996 and brings over 25 years of experience in the technical software industry where he served in a variety of marketing and sales roles including technical sales, product definition, software development, and technical marketing. Prior to Xilinx, Goosman held various positions at Research Systems, Visual Numerics and Precision Visuals. Goosman holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from Colorado State University.</