This presentation is an introductory discussion of the theory and practical applications of operational amplifiers, or Op Amps as they are frequently called. It is intended for users that may be new to, or unfamiliar with, analog design or concepts.

The presentation will cover the basics of feedback theory, Op Amp design equations, simulations, and various common applications.

View this webcast and learn:

  • The definition of an Op Amp and its common applications
  • Characteristics of the ideal Op Amp model vs. a real Op Amp
  • Key specifications of Op Amps
  • The use of negative feedback in Op Amp circuits
  • Design equations for inverting and non-inverting applications

John Ardizzoni

John Ardizzoni is a Senior Application Engineer in Analog Devices High Speed Linear Group. John joined Analog Devices in 2002 and has over 29 years experience in the electronics industry. John has authored numerous articles and papers and a co-author of Analog Devices popular RAQ series.