Digital security is an increasing concern for
designers. Most people involved in embedded system designs have heard of
“encryption” and “digital signature”, but the real meaning, usages, benefits,
and techniques that stand behind these terms are far from being clear to
everyone. During this webinar, we will explain the fundamentals of these
cryptography techniques as they apply to embedded systems.


  • Understand where we need encryption and digital signature
  • Understand the benefits of security ICs to implement cryptography in
    embedded systems
  • Understand the algorithms frequently used for encryption and digital
  • Understand the difference between asymmetric cryptography and symmetric
    cryptography and their respective benefits
  • Understand common mistakes to avoid when implementing cryptography in
    embedded systems

Tremlet, Security Segment Manager, Maxim Integrated

Tremlet is a Security Segment Manager for Maxim Integrated in La Ciotat, France.
He spent 13 years at STMicroelectronics’ Smart Card Division—10 years as a
Product Engineer and Product Engineering Manager, and 3 years as an Application
Manager. He then joined Innova Card, where he was the Chief Technology Officer
for 2 years, until its acquisition by Maxim Integrated. He received his MA in
Electrical Engineering from INSA Lyon, France.