This presentation will give a brief history of analog control followed by the recent trends of mixed-signal control of power converters, often just called Digital-Control. The focus will be on switching dc-dc converters and no prior experience in digital power systems is required. Key concepts will be explained in an intuitive manner, leaving out the detailed mathematics to best understand the concepts.

Philip Cooke, Infineon
Philip Cooke received a BSEE from UMass Lowell in 1987 and a MSEE from National Technological University, Fort Collins, CO in 1991, majoring in Power Electronics. During his career, Phil has designed, researched, and developed power management products at GE, Unitrode, ADI, iWatt, International Rectifier, and now Infineon Technologies. He is a Senior member of the IEEE, and has been a member for 20 years. Phil holds seven US patents with others pending.