This webinar is intended for design engineers in need of low power PCI Express® Gen2 interfaces in a secure and reliable FPGA platform. Webinar attendees will receive information on Microsemi’s new IGLOO2® Evaluation Kit, which is being offered at an introductory price of $99 for the first 1,000 kits, and includes a Libero® SoC Gold software license.

Key features of the IGLOO2 devices covered in this webinar include:
• Overview of the high performance memory subsystem
• PCI Express interface features

Two new PCI Express demos provided with the kit will be shown during the webinar.  
• First, a simple control plane demo will serve as a tutorial for leveraging PCI Express in IGLOO2 FPGAs using the Libero SoC toolset.
• Second, a data plane demo will showcase the DMA controller and embedded DDR memory controller of the high performance memory subsystem of the IGLOO2 FPGA family.