This one-hour webinar (including Q&A) will cover a
new family of low-voltage, I2C, Input/Ouput Expander ICs that are pin and
function compatible with industry-standard devices, but operate at lower power
supply voltages and include “Agile I/O” features that can significantly slash
costs in almost every design. These features include integrated hardware that
eliminates components on the printed circuit board, as well as mechanisms to
simplify and improve the quality of the control firmware.

What the
attendee will learn:

  • A new family of low-voltage, I2C GPIO that are completely pin- &
    function-compatible with industry standard devices
  • New “Agile I/O” features that eliminate PC board components
  • New “Agile I/O” features that simplify software development and improve
    firmware quality

Who should attend:
Designers who run out
of GPIO pins on their controllers for resets and enables of peripheral chips in
their systems should attend. A basic understanding of the I2C bus is useful, but
not required.

John Hull,
Technical Marketing Manager, NXP Semiconductors

John Hull is Technical
Marketing Manager for NXP Semiconductors responsible for I2C products in the
System Management group. He is a veteran of the semiconductor industry and has
been solving both analog and digital system problems for over 20 years. His
current interests include negative testing of I2C systems and keeping Christmas
lights burning brightly.