The need for IoT security is clear. Securing user information, protecting IP, and insights from trusted data are fundamental to digital transformation and driving innovation in connected devices across in a variety of different markets.

However – what is unclear for IoT Developers facing a host of design challenges already including integrating sensors, implementing complex wireless connectivity, and more – is how to ensure their IoT device is reliably secure without compromising budget or time-to-market.

Infineon Technologies has introduced the PSoC™ 64 Secure Microcontroller line integrating world-class security (as well as low-power, flexibility, and connectivity) purpose-built for IoT applications. To implement and abstract the IoT security needed in today’s connected world, Infineon has certified PSoC 64 MCUs with the PSA Certified scheme providing a common framework to secure embedded systems and establish isolated processing environments for secure and non-secure functions. PSoC 64 running FreeRTOS supports PSA Functional APIs to access and easily implement secure services. PSA Certified takes care of the most common requirements IoT Developers need to be worried about in their development cycle.

Attendees of this webinar will learn:

  • What the PSA Certified framework is and its importance
  • Infineon PSoC™ 64 MCU value proposition with PSA Certified certification
  • How Systems/Applications can leverage the PSA Certified framework
  • How to get started