Designers of safety-critical applications
requiring IEC 61508 or ISO 26262 certification need product solutions that
protect against random and systematic failures, offer headroom for application
differentiation and enable simplified development and system certification. The
Texas Instruments Hercules® RM4 and TMS570 ARM® Cortex™-R4F microcontrollers
have been designed from the ground up to meet these requirements. Join design
experts from Texas Instruments and Avnet Electronics Marketing for an
educational webinar that will explore the concept of functional safety and how
it can be achieved by implementing Hercules ARM Safety MCUs in a wide array of

Webinar attendees will receive a discount code to purchase the TMDXRM48USB
Hercules Development Kit or TMS570LS31x Hercules USB Stick Development Kit at a
50% discount at www.AvnetExpress.com.

Who should attend?
Designers of end products that
require IEC 61508 or ISO 26262 certification for target markets such as
aerospace, automotive, transportation, medical and industrial

Key takeaways:

  • A basic understanding of functional safety standards and directives
  • An understanding of Hercules MCUs can easily be used to implement a
    safety-critical system
  • Knowledge of available development tools and design resources

Vaughan, Marketing Manager, Texas Instruments

Anthony Vaughan is the
North America marketing and business development manager for Texas Instruments’
Hercules safety microcontroller group. He joined TI in 2002 as a product
engineer in the imaging and audio group, and then became an applications
engineer with TI’s automotive and safety microcontroller group. Vaughan holds a
BS in Electronic Engineering Technology from Texas A&M University.

Carver, Technology Marketing Director, Avnet Electronics

Jim Carver is a leading expert in microcontroller and
security technologies and is a driving force in training Avnet customers on the
advantages of these ever-evolving technologies. Jim has a BSCE degree from the
University of California San Diego.