With the fast increasing penetration of LED headlamps into volume middle class cars and volume motorcycles, the need for cost reduction of LED headlamp systems is becoming more important.

As pure adaptation and downscaling of the electronic concepts used for premium cars today show clear limits, new approaches for LED electronics have to be followed to achieve attractive system cost reductions.

In this webinar, Infineon shows and explains such a new approach for cost optimized LED electronic based on their new LITIX™ Power Flex DC/DC H-Bridge controller device. The target of this approach is to enable cost efficient LED headlamps with minimum electronic costs and maximum efficiency.

Attend this webinar to learn about:

  • Infineon’s new concept for cost optimized LED lighting electronics with improved performances – LITIX™Power Flex
  • Today’s trends for automotive front LED lighting and the connected challenges (e.g. efficiency, space requirements and costs)
  • Standard available solutions and their limits in comparison to LITIX™ Power Flex


Fabio Fragiacomo, Application Engineer, Infineon

Fabio holds a Degree in Electronic Engineer. Before joining infineon he worked as LED system designEngineer for an Industrial Lighting company, and earlier he was a Hardware designer, mainly embedded devices, for consumer electronic and medical devices. At infineon Padova he is the Application Engineer for LED drivers on frontlight (DC/DC).

Torsten Klemmer, Global Product Marketing Manager, Infineon

Torsten holds a Degree in Electrical as well as in Industrial Engineering. Before he joined Infineon in 2013 he worked over 10 years in the automotive industry as development engineer and in the lighting industry in different Product Management roles. At Infineon in Neubiberg he is responsible as Global Product Marketing Manager for LITIX™—Infineon automotive LED Driver—with focus on front lighting applications.