We’d like to invite you to the webinar “Infineon’s full system solutions for 3D printers”. Infineon’s full system solutions for 3D printers will be presented with focus on the motor control and the power supply solutions. Join the webinar and learn more about our recommendations for your 3D printer design.
Today, consumers can create a growing list of objects with nothing more than a digital file and a 3D printer. While the excitement is understandably big, 3D printers continue to face a number of limitations – most notably size and speed – that currently prevent the technology from fully replacing a number of assembly line manufacturing processes. Moving beyond these limitations to create winning 3D printing designs a highly reliable motor control solution with excellent speed control and position detection capabilities is required. Furthermore, the compact power supply must offer top energy efficiency and power density.
Who should attend?
Application Engineers, Product Marketing, Sales Managers, Technical Marketing, Purchasing

Konrad Marreck

Konrad Marreck is a Distribution Marketing Manager within Infineon’s Power Management division and responsible for the application 3D Printer.