Have you ever considered what happens with pallets and boxes as they move through a warehouse conveyor system? Think of all the machinery, sensors, back-end IoT and cloud connections that need to be managed just to ensure that that your boxes and pallets not only get to where they are needed but when they are needed.

In this seminar we’ll breakdown an actual warehouse logistics scenario using Edge IoT solutions covering:

  • The convergence of Edge Computing and IoT basics and tips
  • Machine data extraction and integrated machine vision
  • Real-time data sharing between machine to machine, machine to human, machine to cloud services
  • Use cases: optimizing manufacturing ops, increasing product quality, decreasing machine downtime, root/cause analysis

Joe Speed, Field CTO, ADLINK IoT Solutions & Technology

With over 25 years of experience in the technology field, Joe has become known as a leader and influencer in engineering, IoT, open source technology, autonomous machines and robotics. Joe currently serves as CTO of ADLINK IoT’s Solutions & Technology division, leading efforts in the field with customers and partners. Prior to ADLINK Joe worked at IBM where he helped start IBM IoT and made MQTT open standard and open source. He is most proud of launching #AccessibleOlli the “autonomous for all of us” project with CTA Foundation, IBM, Local Motors, and ADLINK’s #tech4good and #STEM contributions to make autonomous transportation accessible for all. Joe has won several awards, including “Best Mobility Product 2017” for his work on HMI for autonomous vehicles, Joe was named an automotive “Influencer of the Year” finalist at TU-Automotive 2017, and Joe has been recognized by Forbes as an “IoT Technology Leader”. Joe has been a voting member OASIS MQTT, CTA Self-Driving Vehicles Working Group, and Director IoT Linux Foundation.