Identifying New Technology Partners and
Streamlining the Open Innovation Process

When it comes to open
innovation, intellectual property is typically not a factor until the due
diligence phase of the project. But by integrating IP mining into the early
stages, organizations can spot technology trends, develop competitive landscapes
and benchmark IP portfolios in order to better identify new technology partners
and streamline the open innovation process. Technology Innovators should attend
this webinar to learn:

  • How to spot technology trends, develop competitive landscapes and benchmark
    IP portfolios
  • To discover new ways to leverage current IP portfolios for faster, more
    targeted analysis and development
  • How to identify competitors for a given technology, market/technology
    adjacencies or licensing/partnership candidates
  • To define and explore technology landscapes, find patented technologies and
    mine for connections, enablers and adjacencies

Doug Miller, Co-Founder,

Doug Miller brings a wealth of experience and
understanding of software markets to Innography, having held executive positions
at 12 technology startups over the past 30 years, including BuildForge (IBM),
Authoria, Hire.com, Dazel (HP), Powersoft (Sybase), Candle and Computer
Corporation of America. Responsible for strategy and strategic partnering, Doug
is focused on driving key initiatives and business relationships, and
identifying new markets to position Innography as a global leader in
intellectual property business intelligence.

Bob Little, Vice
President of Marketing

Bob Little brings a strong track record for
leading marketing teams to capitalize on innovative applications of technology
in life sciences, financial services, corporate governance and litigation. Prior
to joining Innography, Bob was Vice President, Marketing at IntraLinks with
responsibility for product messaging, go-to-market strategy and demand creation.
He was previously Chief Marketing Officer at RenewData, VP of Marketing at
ZANTAZ and also General Manager of the Compliance Product Business Unit for
Documentum/EMC. Bob holds a BS in Pharmacy Science from Tennessee Technological