Verification teams commonly find that the large
size of their SoCs exceeds the ability of logic simulators to effectively verify
them. Simulation acceleration addresses this problem by coupling logic
simulation with a hardware accelerator to deliver performance 100 to 1000 times
faster than logic simulation. Until recently, the use of simulation acceleration
has been limited by the inability to stimulate the design’s interfaces at a rate
fast enough to keep up with the accelerator.

Cadence now addresses this problem by providing a line of Accelerated VIP
(AVIP) supporting several standard interfaces to unlock the inherent speed of
simulation acceleration. The AVIP supports multiple user interfaces targeting
various stages of product verification. In particular, AVIP enables reuse of
simulation test benches based on the popular Universal Verification Methodology

This webinar covers:

  • An overview of the current verification methods used to verify, IP, SoCs,
    and Systems
  • Detailed exploration of simulation acceleration including strengths and
  • The function of accelerated VIP (AVIP) in supporting simulation acceleration
  • The various user interfaces of AVIP, the tradeoffs of each, and the benefits
    for SoC verification and HW/SW integration
  • Examples of success achieved on real designs

Pete Heller,
Senior Product Line Marketing Manager

Pete Heller is Senior Product
Line Marketing Manager for SoC/System level Verification IP (VIP) including
Interconnect verification at Cadence. With over 20 years industry experience he
has played a key role in the growth of Cadence’s VIP business. Pete holds both a
BA in Computer Science as well as an MBA from Indiana University’s Kelley
Graduate School of Business.