This webinar will explain radiated EMI, how to improve it with PCB Design considerations, and practical examples.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • Power Supply EMI PCB Design Considerations
  • Practical Application Solutions
  • Reference Designs and Resources

Register for this webinar to learn power supply design tips for improved EMI performance from a Texas Instruments expert.


Anston Lobo
Texas Instruments

Anston Lobo is a Systems and Applications engineer in the SIMPLE SWITCHER group at Texas Instruments. His responsibilities comprise bench evaluation of new ICs, Automation, PCB design, EMI testing, customer support, written work such as application notes and datasheets, and training for field application engineers. His work traces to TI customers worldwide to help drive cutting edge technology and partner with them to create the next big thing. He holds a Masters in Engineering Management from Santa Clara University with a focus on Analog design and Systems Engineering.

Chris Cooper
Avnet Electronics Marketing

Chris Cooper is the Technology Director for Power at Avnet Electronics Marketing. Chris has extensive and in-depth knowledge of power products and design tools available from Texas Instruments. His technical expertise also extends to circuit board design with an emphasis on power design as a result of time spent working in the biomedical and telecommunications markets. Chris received a Bachelor of Engineering degree in electrical engineering from Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada.