I2C-bus enabled devices are used extensively in
several electronic equipments to perform system monitoring, management, or
control functions.  NXP Semiconductors has a wide portfolio of I2C-bus buffer
devices that enable the bus to be driven over a long distance, run with large
capacitive loads, interface with different supply voltage domains, and
accommodate hot-swap functions.  However, several system designers still face
challenges with using I2C-bus in electrically noisy environments such as
applications with pumps, fluorescent lights, switching power supplies,
solenoids, etc.  Another challenging application is one with ground offset
between two or more nodes separated by long distance.  During this webinar, we
will discuss the need for driving the I2C bus over a long distance, challenges
encountered in a noisy environment, and proposed solutions for maintaining data
integrity in these challenging situations.

T. Nana, Product Applications Engineer, Interface Products,

Emmanuel Nana is a Product Applications Engineer for Interface
Products at NXP Semiconductors.  He is primarily responsible for supporting
industrial and automotive customers in the Americas.  Emmanuel holds an MSEE
degree from Texas A&M University, and he has more than fifteen years of
system design, product marketing, and product applications experience.