Products today rely more than ever on electronics and software for
innovation and market differentiation. Even traditionally mechanical
products like auto parts now include software. This shift has driven
higher levels of product development and engineering complexity.

In this webinar, Jim Brown, President of Tech-Clarity, will discuss how
the role of software in products is changing. He will share the
challenges most organizations face as they increase the amount of
software in their products. Finally, he will outline a PLM approach that
allows companies to move beyond these barriers to more rapid innovation
through software. Matt Klassen will then discuss some practical
examples of manufacturers that are differentiating their products with
software today. 

Attendees will learn:
– The biggest challenges that face organizations that build software intensive products
– About managing change effectively in products
– How taking a systems approach benefits product development
– Tips to enable software driven innovation

Matt Klassen, Product & Solution Marketing Manager, PTC
Klassen is the Product & Solution Marketing Manager for the
Integrity Business Unit at PTC. In this role, Mr. Klassen is responsible
for leading the effort to create, package, market and sell solutions
built on Integrity, a PTC product. Integrity is the leading Software
System Lifecycle Management (SSLM) solution that manages all software
system development processes and connects all software engineering
artifacts. With over 10 years experience in implementing, selling and
marketing ALM & SSLM software solutions, he brings a wealth of
knowledge and a history of success to the role.

Starting his career as a software developer in a large IT organization
and then moving into software architecture and software management roles
gives Matt a solid foundation for understanding ALM from end to end.
From there, Matt moved to Rational Software, one of the pioneers in the
ALM business. He helped them build their Pacific Southwest business by
serving in several positions including Technical Engagement Manager,
Technical Sales Manager, and Worldwide Marketing. Matt went to Borland
in 2005 to help build and their ALM business and led the charge to
launch their Requirements Definition and Management Solution and then
later Borland Management Solutions. His technical knowledge and
expertise in the process areas across the software delivery lifecycle
gives him credibility with audiences of all levels and enhances his
ability to create relevant solutions for customers that solve real
business problems. He is currently leading the effort to understand the
Integrity Business Unit’s opportunity to help clients better manage
their software delivery efforts and gain key visibility needed to
improve the value they deliver to the business.