Process improvement consistently brings new
equipment and technologies to the market. But leveraging the benefits of new
systems with old legacy equipment relies on effective data communication. As
part of the B&B Electronics Connectivity College, learn how to make the most
out of your equipment investments, new and old. Mike and Brian will cover practical topics to help you bulletproof your industrial network.

Join them for a working session on making the best decisions for your

What attendees will learn:

  • How to pick the right serial standard (e.g., 232 vs. 422/485) for the
  • Grounding practices—where 50% of installers go wrong
  • How to protect against surges and nasty ground loops
  • Termination myths and biasing facts

Fahrion, Director of Product Management, B&B Electronics

Fahrion, the director of product management at B&B Electronics, is an expert
in data communications with 20 years of design and application experience. He
oversees development of the company’s rugged M2M connectivity solutions for
wireless and wired networks based on serial, Ethernet, wireless and USB
communication technologies. Mike has particular expertise in reliable
connectivity solutions for devices deployed at the “edge” of networks in remote,
harsh or uncontrolled environments. His technical expertise combined with a
talent for simplifying complex issues allow Mike to turn technical babble and
marketing speak into practical, useful information for engineers and managers.
Mike is a speaker and widely published author, including his politically
incorrect newsletter, eConnections, with over 50,000 monthly subscribers. Mike
holds a BSEE from Iowa State University.

Foster, Product Manager, Serial and USB Product Lines, B&B

Brian Foster is the product manager for the serial and
USB product lines at B&B Electronics and is an expert in network reliability
at the physical layer. Before joining B&B Electronics, he held U.S. Navy
staff command positions in Japan and Washington State, where he was responsible
for submarine communications throughout the Pacific and Indian Ocean regions,
including satellite-based Internet Protocol systems, LF and VLF command and
control networks. Foster’s career in data communications began in the Navy’s
submarine service, where he served in three different nuclear boats managing
their internal networks as well as external communications.