The interest in ARM-based SoCs for micro server and server is growing.
But before these systems become mature, a significant amount of software
needs to be ported and developed on these new SoCs. In particular, the
need for software availability must start at the hardware interface
level. Standards such as the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface
(UEFI) and the Advanced Configuration Power Interface (ACPI) for Linux
will play a key role, as well as the impact of kernel based
virtualization of device drivers. In this webinar, we will introduce
tools and methods for early bring-up and debug of software stacks for
ARMv8-based SoCs and servers. We will focus and provide example for UEFI
as well as Synopsys DesignWare Interface IP device drivers. We will
present how virtual development kits can jumpstart bring-up, integration
and debug of drivers. Webinar attendees will leave with a clear
understanding of the technical benefits Synopsys VDKs provide for the
software engineer.


Achim Nohl

Achim Nohl is a technical marketing manager for Virtual Prototypes
at Synopsys. He actively publishes technical articles, conference papers
and blog posts around the topic of developing embedded software using
virtual prototypes. His specialty is bringing up firmware, drivers and
operating systems for the most recent CPUs and IPs. Achim holds a
diploma degree in Electrical Engineering from the Institute for
Integrated Signal Processing Systems at the Aachen University of
Technology, Germany. Before joining Synopsys, Achim has worked in
various engineering and marketing roles for LISATek and CoWare.

Marc Serughetti

Marc Serughetti is the Director of Business Development and drives
the development and deployment of virtual prototyping technologies at
Synopsys. He has more than 15 years of experience in embedded software
development technologies from having led product marketing teams at
Integrated Systems, Wind River and CoWare. At CoWare, he led the company
into the area of virtual prototyping targeting the embedded software
community. His experience spans simulation technologies, compilers, IDE,
debugging and analysis tools as well as embedded run-time software
(Operating Systems, middleware and applications).