Cloud is becoming a dominant consumer of servers, but current computing technology are not satisfying cloud's dire need for higher performance per watt, performance per square foot and performance per $. Server processors consume too much power and their roadmaps do not scale performance at the rate required by cloud. To satisfy the cloud requirements there needs to be a fundamental change in processors architecture but with the same exact programming model. With a standard Linux environment, performance at or higher than today's servers, a fraction of the space, and a fraction of the power, Tilera-based servers provide the right answer to cloud datacenters requirements. In this webinar we will provide an overview of Tilera’s architecture, present a server based on Tilera processors and discuss how customers are using Tilera to run memcached and LAMP stack applications.

What registrants will learn:
o An understanding of the Tilera architecture and how it provides the performance scalability and power efficiency
o How to run cloud applications on Tilera-based servers

Ihab Bishara, Director of Cloud Computing Products, Tilera
Ihab bishara is the director of cloud computing products and marketing at Tilera Corporation. With over 10 years of experience in product development, management, and marketing roles, Ihab delivered multiple hardware and software products for the communication, multimedia, and cloud computing segments. Prior to Tilera, Ihab worked at Intel, where he held various technical and product management roles. Ihab holds a BS with honors in Computer Engineering from Cal Poly University, California and an MBA with distinction in leadership from IMD school of business, Switzerland.