Most modern military communications are now based on software defined radios (SDR). This advancement has led to much more efficient communications over larger operating bandwidths and greatly improved inter-operability between different services. The advent of SDR has posed a significant challenge for the Power Amplifier. The broadband, multi-mode SDR is still somewhat limited by the bandwidth of the amplifier. NXP’s LDMOS is used today in the world’s premier radios due to its excellent operating bandwidth and the extremely rugged design—which can survive harsh mismatches in extreme circumstances. For RF/IF functions our SiGe:C plays a crucial role in offering integration to radio designers for the RF signal processing and consistent RF performance over temperature and processing tolerances.
Our CGV high speed converters also play a critical role in the digitization of the RF signal for digital down conversion and up-conversion. Employing state of the art JESD204A serialization technology these converters can help reduce board space and vastly improve reliability.
What will attendees learn:
  • Latest RF Power Amplifiers for Military Radio Applications (LDMOS and GaN)
  • SiGe:C for RF/IF stages in Military Radios, Integration Possibilities, Silicon Manufacturing Consistency for RF and Microwave Components
  • New High Speed Data converters with JESD204A serial interface for massive reduction in data lines and secure communication.
Who should attend:
  • Engineers 
  • Engineering Mgmt
  • Sourcing
  • Component Engineering
  • General Mgmt
Bruce Rayner, Contributing Editor, EE Times
Bruce Rayner is a contributing editor and commentator for EETimes and TechInsights. Bruce was Editorial Director of EBN and Electronics Supply & Manufacturing, both CMP Media LLC publications, and has been covering the business of electronics for over 20 years as a journalist, editor, conference organizer, researcher, and consultant. 

Paul Wilson, Marketing Director, High Performance RF
Paul has been with NXP for over 15yrs with various roles in the RF businesses. Currently Paul is responsible for the Aerospace and Defense Segment for NXP and is helping define the next generation of technologies needed to address the challenges in Radar, Military Communications and EW systems.
Paul graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University with a B.Eng in Electronic Engineering and Communications Technology.
Patrick Kowalyk, Senior Field Applications Engineer, Vicor Corporation
Patrick Kowalyk has a BSEE from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Kowalyk has been in the power Electronics field for over 26 years. Mr. Kowalyk is a Senior Field Applications Engineer for Vicor Corporation, where he has worked for over 10 years.